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offers appraisal, collection management and art advisory services to clients throughout the New York tri-state area.


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Louis XV chest, France, 18th century, fruitwood




An appraisal can reduce risks such as being over or under insured, inequitably dividing personal property as part of an estate, being audited when claiming a deduction for charitable contributions or filing estate taxes, or selling for too little/paying too much. Appraisals conducted by Cheney Appraisal, an independent appraiser firm, are unbiased and impartial. Objective, qualified and professional, our goal is to minimize your financial risk.

Our comprehensive understanding of the art market can provide purchase and sales services for a single object, collection or estate.  When starting a collection, we help you define, select, and buy art tailored to your unique aesthetic preferences and budget.  When selling, we can negotiate preferential terms of sale on your behalf and identify the most advantageous venues for disposition including private sale, consignment, or auction.

Organize, preserve and protect the aesthetic, historic and financial value of your art.  We begin by ensuring your collection is properly inventoried so you may take a more strategic approach to managing all aspects of your art including acquisition, disposition, loans, display and conservation.


Is Fashion Art?
Left: Lanvin-Castillo, evening dress, 1956, light purple nylon tulle, recalling the tiered trimmings and bustled silhouettes of the 1880s fashions.
Right: Paris Bares the Shoulder, September 1956, Harper’s Bazaar, Photograph by Richard Avedon; Model Suzy Parker leans over a pinball machine.
The debate surrounding fashion as art has been argued for centuries. Fashion is a three trillion dollar global industry driven by the consumer. Some would say the fashion industry is driven by the passion and creativity of designers, not by profit. So is fashion art? Some say yes and some say no. I will present some arguments and examples from the last three hundred years. You be the judge. Most of the examples are from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s exhibit, “Masterworks: Unpacking Fashion” that is running through Feb. 5, 2017. The show is comprised of new acquisitions from the past ten years that showcase fifty masterworks from the last three hundred years.

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