Collection of American art pottery vases including Newcomb, Aqrequipa, Ohr, Weller, Teco and Grueby



Know what it’s worth.  Reduce financial risk.

signed certification

the stated purpose, function, and appraisal method employed

the data and sources examined, and the analysis which was applied

the marketplace context in which values are determined

a full description of objects and photographs with artist biography

the value conclusion

summary of values by category and location

appraiser’s credentials

All our appraisal reports meet IRS and Insurance Industry Standards.  Appraisals are conducted impartially, with utmost attention to detail and accuracy, and backed by excellent research. We adhere to the highest ethical standards of conduct and professionalism.




Our expertise includes a broad range of fine and decorative arts such as fine art paintings, sculptures and prints, antique and modern furniture, silver, ceramics, rugs, and other collectibles.  For items outside these general categories experts are consulted as needed and noted in the appraisal report.




All compensation for appraisal work is based on an hourly rate and never contingent on reported values.


Buy and sell with confidence.


Organize and protect your valuables.

You’ll benefit from our fine eye for art and superior knowledge of the market when acquiring, refining or selling your collection. Rely on us to search out authentic quality works on the primary (dealer) and secondary (auction) markets.  We provide advice on price, quality and condition before you purchase so you can buy with confidence. Let us be your single point of contact – from researching prices to arranging all art handling, shipping, storage, insurance and installation.


Selling and art liquidation services include the following:

Securing competitive proposals from different market sources

Comparative analysis of sales options

Negotiating dealer sales and preferential terms at auction

Managing estate liquidation and household clean-outs by determining disposition of all items

Know what you have and what it’s worth. Cataloguing provides a documented inventory of your art objects and can be presented in a report or entered into a relational database, providing a digital archive that can be sorted and viewed for any purpose.


Condition assessments made through the inventory process include recommendations for art conservation treatment, proper storage solutions and framing.


Clients often request an insurance appraisal once the cataloguing is completed to protect their valuable art assets against damage or loss. Because markets can change quickly, insurance companies encourage collectors to have works reappraised periodically to make sure coverage is adequate.


For established collections we can help by conducting scholarly research on works of art, handling loan logistics and assisting with estate planning.

The Process


The appraisal process begins with a qualifying discussion with you to determine the purpose and scope of the objects to be appraised. The valuation approach is then determined, and an estimated fee is given based on the hours of work anticipated to complete the assignment. Next, an onsite inspection is arranged to examine, measure and photograph. Comparable objects/works are researched using selected academic resources, online databases including gallery and auction prices, and exhibition and catalogue raisonnés.


The Appraisal Report


You will receive a formal written report that presents:

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